An Interview with Shock

We The Wrestling had a chance to sit down with Shock, one of the most relevant Italian athletes who, on June 20th, will wrestle in ASCA “Best in Italy”, in Milan.

See what he has to say!


WtW: Let’s start! Why did you decide to become a pro wrestler?

Shock: I felt drawn to this sport… as if it was what I was born for… my destiny.


WtW: Who gave you the basics to become a pro wrestler?

Shock: Can I mention all those who helped me become the wrestler I am? I wouldn’t like to upset anyone. So: Massimo Panico; Pitbull; il Drago; Crazy G; OGM; Psycho Mike; Alex Shane; Don Charles.


WtW: I notice that you have been trained, amongst others, by Alex Shane and Dave Rayne: did you train with them before or after your debut? What did training with them add to your skills?

Shock: I trained under Alex and Dave after my debut, in 2007 and 2008. Alex gives you the awareness of being great and the confidence of working with anyone, in Europe and out.


WtW:  I see you made your debut in 2007: what can you tell us about your first match? What can you remember of that day, before and after the match?

Shock: It was a 4 vs 4. I can’t remember exactly who was in it. It was an ICW Academy show, I think there were Manuel Majoli and Puck. Before the match I was not nervous at all, after it… well, I realised I could do it.


WtW: In ICW, you won the tag team title twice: with OGM and with Red Devil. With which of them were more comfortable?

Shock: Well, OGM obviously: we held the titles for over one year… but we also had some issues…


WtW: When you left ICW to join WIVA, you left the ringname “Shock” and started wrestling under your real name (Pietro “La Roccia” Bovesecco): why did you choose to do this?

Shock: This is a good question. I wanted to change the “title of the movie”, to create a new story… I think it’s important for a wrestler to reinvent himself sometimes.


WtW: You were one of the main names in WIVA, then suddenly you left it. What happened?

Shock: I always give the same answer here: the plan changed. Along with someone else, I would have liked to keep improving the product, both on the ring and out… but they had different ideas. I mean, imagine that it was a Third Division team who got promoted to the Second Division… but, instead than pushing for the First Division, they decided to settle in the Second.


WtW: Why did you accept to wrestle for ASCA? What do you think this promotion can give you, and where do you think it can get?

Shock: I think ASCA can help me take a step forward, and it can also help the whole movement in Italy… it can set up all-star matches featuring some old faces and some new guys who have a passion for the sport and plenty of knowledge – and the will to put up awesome matches.


WtW: Don’t you think that in Italy there is too much of a focus on the American majors, especially the WWE, ignoring the local or European promotions, that are often equally worthy?

Shock: Yes, maybe it’s true, but it’s up to each fan to choose what to watch. In Italy we have wrestlers who could hold their own pretty much anywhere. Some names: OGM, Lupo, Charlie Kid, Andres Diamond and myself could wrestle anywhere, we can put up a show as good as any you can see in the WWE. If anybody disagrees… well, we have always proved our worth, and we will keep doing so.


WtW: What effect do you think ASCA Best in Italy, that will see the participation of the two guys who do the official Italian commentary for the WWE, can have on Italian wrestling?

Shock: I think it’s the most important show in Italian wrestling… our “world cup”, so to speak. It will be a day of reckoning, and the whole of Italy will see what we are worth. It’s up to us.


WtW: Is there anything you want to tell Andres Diamond, Charlie Kid or Lupo before wrestling them in a four-way match at that ASCA event?

Shock: Nothing special, just that the real number one – myself – will clear any doubts about who’s the best.


WtW: Do you follow independent wrestling out of Italy? Is there anything you particularly like to watch?

Shock: Unfortunately I don’t know enough to have an opinion. Anyway, I think we should stop envying others and focus more on being seen and followed out of Italy.


WtW: Is there a promotion outside of Italy you’d like to wrestle in?

Shock: I’d say the WWE, like everybody would. But I’d also like to have some matches in Japan.


WtW: A question we ask everyone: what do you say to the people insisting that “wrestling is fake”?

Shock: I bear on my own body the sign of many battles; some you can see, some you don’t. Every match is not only a show, an event, but also a mark that stays with us forever, whether it was a good or a bad match: it’s a part of our life, it’s emotional. I actually laugh at people claiming wrestling is fake, and I’m also a little sorry for those people who can’t cheer or suffer with us.


WtW: Awesome! Thank you very much.

Shock: Thank you!

Non c’è niente da vedere. Su, su, circolare.
Va bene… ho 40 anni, vivo in Scozia, guardo il wrestling da Wrestlemania III, ormai non sopporto più la WWE ma seguo con cura tutte le indipendenti possibili.

Marco Piva

Non c'è niente da vedere. Su, su, circolare. Va bene... ho 40 anni, vivo in Scozia, guardo il wrestling da Wrestlemania III, ormai non sopporto più la WWE ma seguo con cura tutte le indipendenti possibili.

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