È morto Jose Lothario

La WWE ha annunciato che nella giornata di ieri è morto l’ 83 enne NWA Hall of Famer Jose Lothario. Era conosciuto maggiormente per aver accompagnato sul ring Shawn Micheals sulla fine degli anni 90′ dopo averlo allenato all’inizio della sua carriera. Ecco il comunicato rilasciato dalla compagnia:

“Jose Lothario reportedly passes away

WWE is saddened to learn that Jose Lothario has reportedly passed away at age 83. Despite never winning a WWE-sanctioned championship or competing at WrestleMania, Jose Lothario – born Guadalupe Robledo on Dec. 12, 1934 – made a lasting mark on the WWE Universe by simply agreeing to train a cocky teenager from San Antonio, Texas. A cocky teenager that grew up to become WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. Lothario helped HBK find his footing for a career between the ropes, from selecting Shawn Michaels as a ring name to teaching The Showstopper how to effectively perform the signature kick that came to be known as Sweet Chin Music. HBK soaked up every last lesson taught by Lothario, a Saturday morning staple for wrestling fans of a certain age from the Lone Star State. “I think every young boy who lived in Texas knew who Jose Lothario was,” Michaels told WWE Magazine in 1996. “I first saw him on TV when I was 12. He was the first Superstar to come across my screen. He is a legend in San Antonio, Cuba, Mexico… just about everywhere!” Their relationship reached the summit at WrestleMania XII, when Lothario – having helped Michaels break into the business nearly 15 years earlier – watched from ringside as HBK realized his boyhood dream of becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Bret “Hit Man” Hart in an unforgettable WWE 60-Minute Iron Man Match. Of course, Lothario became an effective mentor only after establishing his well-traveled reputation as a gritty grappler. As an NWA mainstay, he helped usher in popular Mexican wrestling styles to the sports-entertainment scene in the United States. His fans knew him best as “Super Sock,” a nickname recognizing the punches Lothario used to dole out during his past experiences in boxing. Lothario even briefly displayed his considerable talents before the WWE Universe, most notably by humbling Jim Cornette in a match at In Your House 10: Mind Games.

WWE extends its condolences to Robledo’s family, friends and fans”

Lorenzo Fanti

Un fan da sempre della WWE, seguo la compagnia da quando era su Mediaset con Rey, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, JBL, Booker T e tanti altri. Inoltre seguo con grande passione Impact Wrestling, una compagnia spesso sottovalutata ma che fa ottimi show. Poi ho interesse anche nelle Indy europee. Non disdegno di seguire anche tutte le altre federazioni, ognuna può dare qualcosa alla passione della gente.

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