Hey people!

Marco here. I want to tell you about a film I watched. Best film I watched in many years, actually. Listen here.

It’s about two friends, Chris and Tam. By the way, Tam is the Scottish version of Tom, that’s not a typo. Thanks.

They live in some mean streets in Glasgow. Tough stuff, gangs and all. They are close. I mean, real close. Like brothers from different mothers.

At the start of the film, Tam is the popular one. He’s tough as nails, but kinda flashy, you see. There’s a streak of blue in his hair, he has a cool smile, and he’s dating the most popular girl around. Fine, she’s not exactly the most committed girl ever, she has been with many guys, but now she seems OK with Tam. She never cheats on anyone, by the way: she just breaks up with a guy to go with another. She’s like that, but she’s cool, you see. Anyway. Tam’s mate Chris is a bigger guy, really strong, slightly chubby, always smiling, quite outspoken but kinda goofy. Everybody loves him.

At a certain point, there comes a guy called Andy who manages to talk to Tam’s girl and, with a bunch of lies and half-truths, persuades her to break up with Tam and start dating him. Obviously, Tam is really upset. He goes to confront Andy, but he manages once again to cheat his way into avoiding an actual face-to-face with Tam.

So Tam gets really mad and just… disappears. Nobody knows where he is. Some think he has moved away, others wonder if he’s maybe dead. You know, it’s a really tough part of the city, such things happen, sometimes. Even to cool guys.

Anyway, now the film focuses on Chris. Who kinda fancies that girl too. While she was dating his brother Tam he wouldn’t even think about trying to get her, but with Andy she’s fair game. Also, this girl’s dad, Mr. Mark, actually likes Chris a lot. He’d be happy if his daughter dated Chris, a nice, funny, open guy, rather than Andy, a guy nobody likes.

So Mr. Mark manages to get his daughter to go out with Chris once, you know, behind Andy’s back. I mean, all the people watching the film are quite happy, everybody hopes that Chris gets the girl, finally, Andy is really unbearable. Typical bad guy in a film, you know.

Well, Chris is there talking to this girl. He is really charming, very funny… when Tam arrives, and spoils everything for him. The girl runs back to Andy, and Chris seems heartbroken. He loses his smile.

For a while, we see Tam spoiling the fun for Chris, anything he does. He wants to go to a concert, Tam makes sure he doesn’t get there or at least that he has a miserable time; he goes out for a meal, Tam spoils it. That stuff, you know. We don’t know what drives him, he doesn’t say anything: he’s just doing his best to upset poor Chris. And he’s very, very successful in that. Once he just attacks Chris with a knife. No, he doesn’t kill him – but he leaves him with a scar. On his forehead. Where everyone can see it.

Chubby, funny Chris is not funny any longer. Nor he’s chubby, now. He hits the gym and he comes back lean and mean as ever. He’s ready to confront his former best friend.

Mr. Mark, who is considered a bit of a “godfather” of the area, arranges for the two former brothers to finally meet face to face. And they do.

Their meeting gets more and more heated. Then, they start brawling. They use everything they have: Mr. Mark’s furniture, a knife, you name it. Mr. Mark is trying to keep everything under control. And he seems to be favouring Chris. You know, when Tam tries to hit him with a broken chair, Mr. Mark takes it off Tam’s hands… things like that. But he knows that they need to fight it out, so he doesn’t really try to stop them. They all know that the street is too small for the both of them. One has to go. And this is where they decide who goes.

Chris is taller than Tam. And, since hitting the gym and losing a lot of weight, he’s stronger too. So, Tam is down. Chris is ready to mark his face and kick him out of the street when… they look at each other… and, together, they jump Mr. Mark.

With Mr. Mark laid out cold, Chris starts yelling that Tam’s actions “opened his eyes”, he thanks his brother, he will never try again to look cool to the people around him. The two of them, friends, brothers, will do what they want, together. Nobody is safe from them.

Film. Subject. To change.


Right, cool film, right? You’d watch it in a minute, I imagine. There’s everything in it: some violence, a story of betrayal, feelings amped up to the limit and a shocking turn of events at the end.

Also, they filmed all their scenes themselves. No stuntmen, nothing. Not even any fake blood. And they did everything in one single take.

You have understood it, by now: this is not a film. This was a pro wrestling storyline. It all happened on a wrestling ring. “Chris” is Chris Renfrew, “Tam” is B.T. Gunn, “the street” is Insane Championship Wrestling, “Mr. Mark” is ICW owner Mark Dallas, “Andy” is Red Lightning and “the girl” is the ICW Heavyweight Title. But if I had started with “I’ll tell you about a wrestling storyline”, many of you would have closed this page thinking it would be the usual, trite story. Well, it wasn’t. When Chris (Renfrew) hit Mr. Mark (Dallas) that night at The Garage in Glasgow, the hundreds of fans in the venue suddenly fell silent. The loudest silence I ever heard.

Wrestling creates huge emotions through interesting, well written storylines that don’t insult the viewers’ intelligence. This is not “sports entertainment”: this is pro wrestling.