STILL REAL TO ME #3: What is 1314?

This time, Still Real to Me gets personal. Sure, it’s the whole point of this column, but this time… it is a little more so. Because, you see, there’s one more thing I owe to wrestling.

Let’s start from the beginning.

It’s late July,2014. Glasgow, an ICW event: Shug’s House Party. A very good show. In the main event, my favourite Jack Jester defeats Martin Stone in a match I didn’t consider exactly awesome, retaining his title. Not a problem, the match was not great but it wasn’t bad either, and the rest of the show was amazing anyway.

Jester is celebrating on the ring when we hear the NAK theme song. Chris Renfrew, the leader of that stable, has the briefcase earned by winning the Square Go, that allows him to have a match for the title in any moment. Pretty much, for those who don’t know ICW but watch WWE, it is as if the winner of the Royal Rumble received the Money in the Bank briefcase. The four NAK members, Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn, Dickie Divers and Darkside James Scott (how things have changed since!) attack Jester, tired after a hard-hitting match. Jester is down. Renfrew is ready to pin him, to take the title… when the lights go out. Suddenly, we see on the ring a hooded shadow. The lights come back. The hood goes. It’s Drew Galloway! He left WWE only a few days ago, and he’s here! The first champion in ICW history!

Drew demolishes NAK, then he also destroys his friend Jack Jester. Then, he takes the microphone.

And there, history is made.

At least my personal history.

Because, you see, I’ve recently started my own business, and it’s not easy. It’s not working out as well as I hoped, and someone has already suggested me to give up. And then Drew Galloway arrived. He had recently left the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, the biggest in history, to go back to the independent circuit.

And he says:

Have you heard of Bannockburn? In 1314 the Scots fought the English for their freedom. We were outnumbered three to one. The English laughed at the notion that we could possibly beat them. And we kicked their arses and sent them back where they came. That’s 1314: we going against the odds becoming the biggest and best. It represents all of you who have a dream and you’re facing the odds, people are laughing at you because you’re thinking outside the box. You start a business? You’re against the odds. Say UP YOURS! 1314!

…thank you Drew.


Marco Piva

Non c'è niente da vedere. Su, su, circolare. Va bene... ho 40 anni, vivo in Scozia, guardo il wrestling da Wrestlemania III, ormai non sopporto più la WWE ma seguo con cura tutte le indipendenti possibili.

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