STILL REAL TO ME #6: Hayabusa is back on a wrestling ring

22 October 2001. FMW. Hayabusa, one of the faces of the company, is wrestling Mammoth Sasaki. He goes for a Springboard Moonsault, one of the moves he performs in every match. But he slips on the ropes, falls on his head and crushes two vertebrae. He’ll never walk again.

5 August 2015. Hayabusa leaves his wheelchair and, for the first time without any support except for a walking stick, climbs on a wrestling ring.

The wrestler who embodied the crazy attitude of FMW – a louder, brasher, more violent (and more Japanese) version of ECW – has made some of the toughest men in Japanese wrestling cry. Genichiro Tenryu, a legendary hard man, comparable to Brock Lesnar in attitude if not in style, broke down in tears.

Watch the video.

Marco Piva

Non c'è niente da vedere. Su, su, circolare. Va bene... ho 40 anni, vivo in Scozia, guardo il wrestling da Wrestlemania III, ormai non sopporto più la WWE ma seguo con cura tutte le indipendenti possibili.

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