He defines himself the best young wrestler on the scene, and makes sure everybody knows.

He has proven his worth against some of the best around, and is ready to face anyone.

He is brash, he is cocky, he is arrogant, but he can back it up on the ring.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome LEWIS GIRVAN.


WtW: Obvious opening question: who are the trainers that helped you develop?

LG: It was Damian O’Connor and Mikey Whiplash who were responsible for the vast majority of my training. Robbie Brookside later built upon what they had taught me as I trained with him extensively from 2011 to 2013. There has also been a long list of guest seminars over the years with the likes of Ultimo Dragon, Super Crazy, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey amongst many others. I have to make special mention of Glen Dunbar as he helped me a lot in the early days of my career.


WtW: You made your in ring debut when you were 16: for how long had you been training before then? And can you remember how you felt when you were told you were booked?

LG: I actually made my debut at 15 after training for 21 months. I remember feeling ready, I got my debut match off the back of me appealing to my trainers that I felt I was ready to have my first match. I think because of my age I had gone under the radar for a long time, never really considered for a debut as I was so young but me asking seemed to change that.


WtW: What were your targets when you made your debut?

LG: To wrestle as often as possible in as many different places as possible all the while putting on the best match I could every single night.


WtW: You were singled out pretty much from the start of your career as a future breakout star: did that weigh on you in some way, or did it help you focus even harder on your constant improvement?

LG: It made me extremely hungry, people kept telling me how good I COULD be and how well I MIGHT do. It made me want nothing more than to show them how good I was, how good I am.


WtW: At a certain point, I think it was late 2012/early 2013, you went from a cheerful babyface to a cocky heel; how did that turn happen, and why did you decide it was time for it?

LG: It was born out of frustration. Being constantly told that someday, somewhere down the line you’ll be a star eventually gets very tiresome after a while. I felt at the time that people were overlooking the hard work I was doing and the talents I had for no reason other than my age. They couldn’t recognize how good I was, or refused to acknowledge it and I decided I’d had enough. Since then I’ve grown and gotten even better to the point where I feel completely justified in saying I’m the best young wrestler in the entire world.


WtW: As far as I know, you won your first title in Pride – the N7 title – in 2014; how important was that (first) title win for you? How does holding a title change a wrestler’s career?

LG: It was extremely important for me for a variety of reasons. I felt it was recognition for years of hard work and dedication. I had seen so many other wrestlers, less experienced than myself, move so quickly into title contention and very often I found myself left behind. It was proof that I was everything I said I was. Holding a title changes how fans perceive you, it’s very much a stamp of approval and it legitimizes any claims you make.


WtW: For a while, just after Drew Galloway’s return to independent wrestling, you had a run with a “new Drew” gimmick, even using his old theme song. Who came up with that, and how do you think it worked for you?

LG: It was an idea of Mark Dallas’s that had actually been floating around for a while, as far back as 2013 when Drew was still employed by WWE. Originally it was just meant to be mimicking Drew but with his return to independent wrestling there was real potential for a match between the two of us. I think I have benefited greatly from the lead up to and the actual match with Drew, it allowed me to showcase myself not just as a wrestler but a personality and a character that the audience could get behind and support.


WtW: Despite your young age, you already wrestled some of the biggest names in the sport: Chris Sabin, Drew Galloway, Jonathan Gresham… is there anyone that you’d really love to wrestle (and you haven’t – yet)?

LG: Countless people for all sorts of reasons. This ranges from Shinsuke Nakamura and Yuji Nagata to Tommy End and Chris Ridgeway. Adam Cole, Rampage Brown, Chris Hero, El Ligero. Truthfully, I want to wrestle people who will push me, make me be better, make me work harder in the ring.


WtW: Is there anyone in the “business” you feel particularly comfortable with? And (if you want to say) is there anyone you don’t really like?

LG: I do have very close friends within wrestling, people like DCT, Joe Hendry, Dave Conrad to name a few. I’ve also managed to stay friends with my trainers Damo and Whiplash despite the numerous headaches I’ve no doubt caused them over the years. I wouldn’t say there’s anyone I dislike but I can’t say I enjoy being around people who are always negative and can never be bothered being there. Personally, I feel that if you can’t be bothered being there, be that at shows or at training, then don’t because there’s a long line of people who would love to be there.


WtW: Where do you think you career is going, in the short, medium and long term?

LG: I feel my career is slowly but surely going up. In the short term I want to capture the SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship and the ICW Zero G Championship. Further down the road I’d like to finally start working more often and further afield (England, Europe etc.)


WtW: A question we ask everyone: what do you answer to people claiming that “wrestling is fake”?

LG: So are people, so is life. We all have our different ways of coping with life, fake or not, wrestling is mine.


WtW: How can we follow your career on the social networks?

LG: I have a Facebook page that fans can like, any questions that fans have they can feel free to message me there. I am also on Twitter and Instagram @lewiscegirvan. Finally, I have a Youtube channel, Lewis Girvan Pro Wrestler.


WtW: Anything you want to add for your Italian fans (and not only them)?

LG: I hope to perform for you live in Italy soon, thank you for your support.


Thank you very much for this Lewis, and I hope we’ll see you soon in Italy, maybe with some gold around your waist!