STILL REAL TO ME: Interview with Rob Mills

Dear friends, here we are with Rob Mills.

Rob is still only 17, but he has already been wrestling for over one year. He has made his home in Livingston-based Reckless Intent, where he has already held the Hardcore Title (that has 24/7 rules) no less than three times, and you can spot him in the audience of most wrestling shows around the country… but soon, very soon, he will make the transition to the other side of those barricades.

Mark my words: Rob Mills will go places. And I’m definitely NOT saying this because he threatened to cut me if I didn’t. Really.

Anyway… let’s try to find out something more about Rob!


WtW: Hi Rob. I’ll not bore you asking you who trained you and where, nor trying to find out why you decided to become a wrestler. I’d rather ask you: who are the main people you need to thank for the wrestler you are today?

RM: Without a shadow of a doubt the people I have to thank the most are my trainers, Michael Chase and Rawlins. I never imagined a year ago that I’d be as good as I am if it wasn’t for them. But also I’ve had the pleasure of attending several seminars with great people like Chris Renfrew, Damo, Dave Taylor, Brian Kendrick, the list goes on and I think they’ve had just as big of an impact along the way.


WtW: What do you think makes Reckless Intent stand aside from other promotions?

RM: Reckless Intent is best described as Scottish wrestling’s best kept secret. It’s a well of our own talent mixed in with some of the best around the country. And with a growing but still intimate fan base only good things can come from Reckless Intent.


WtW: What is your training regime at the moment?

RM: At the moment my regime consists of getting into the unit four times a week. It may be a small amount of equipment but we have the ring, a good collection of weights, tires, etc. It’s not a lot but looking back on how I used to be compared to now it was more than enough.


WtW: How would you describe your in-ring style?

RM: To be honest I don’t actually know. Early on I was told since I was small I would eventually become a high flyer, but I never wanted to be pushed towards that. I took a lot of inspiration from Scott Renwick (who also played a big part in my training) who would do all the basics and just make them seem like so much more. So I guess that’s the best way to describe how I wrestle.


WtW: How did you create the character you portray in-ring?

RM: I didn’t really, My character was always just me. I have tried several things in the past but nothing worked out as much as just being me.


WtW: How have your family and friends taken your decision to become a pro wrestler?

RM: I’m not too sure about that. My mum loves it as far as friends go most of my friends are wrestlers anyway. I’m just gonna assume that they’re ok with it! Haha.


WtW: Is there any category of people in pro wrestling that you really can’t stand?

RM: I think that the only category of people I can’t stand would be the egos some people develop. But that I think is everyone’s biggest pet peeve. I get on well with most people not a lot of bad things I can say.


WtW: Where do you see yourself going in wrestling in the next few years?

RM: I’m hoping 2016 is when things go through the roof. My goals so far are to become one of the main guys waving the flag for Reckless Intent as it takes the Scottish wrestling scene by storm. Also to start getting outside bookings, that’s probably the biggest thing on my mind, If I can be seen by someone else and have them say “we need this guy on our show” then that’s a big step forward to my big goal of wrestling internationally.


WtW: Do you feel more comfortable as a heel or as a babyface, and why?

RM: I’d say babyface. I don’t know why but when I turned face something in me just said “this feels right”.


WtW: Of all the people you have already wrestled, who is the one you felt more comfortable being on the ring with, and why is that? And what about tag team partners?

RM: Out of everyone I’ve wrestled there’s nobody I was particularly uncomfortable wrestling. I enjoy working with new people just as much as working with someone I’ve worked with 100 times. I’m not too sure about tag team partners, I’ve surprisingly worked very few tag matches so I can’t really say anything about that.


WtW: Who would you face in your dream match?

RM: You know after thinking I don’t think I’ve ever thought of this, I’m genuinely stumped, I have never thought about someone I’d love to work with.


WtW: What is your position about blood in wrestling?

RM: Never really formulated an opinion on this. I’ve bled during a match and that was on accident (still not fun) so really I don’t know how to answer this either.


WtW: A question nobody escapes (just like the Spanish Inquisition): what do you answer when people tell you that “wrestling is fake”?

RM: I don’t get involved in that. If someone says something like that I just stop talking to them. If they make a big song and dance about it then no point being around that much negativity.


WtW: Right – how do we follow the next steps of your career? A Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, a YouTube channel, anything…

RM: You can keep up to date with me on my Rob Mills Facebook page as well as following me on Twitter and Instagram @the_RobMills


WtW: To conclude: do you have something to say to the Italian wrestling fans?

RM: I hear you guys are meant to be awesome. Hopefully I’ll be able to come and wrestle in front of all of you some day.


Thanks again to Rob, and good luck in your career!

Marco Piva

Non c'è niente da vedere. Su, su, circolare. Va bene... ho 40 anni, vivo in Scozia, guardo il wrestling da Wrestlemania III, ormai non sopporto più la WWE ma seguo con cura tutte le indipendenti possibili.

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