Dear friends, we are back with A Wrestler From…, where we introduce you to a wrestler you don’t know… yet.

This time we (virtually) flew to the States, where we met BRYSIN SCOTT.


First of all, here’s some personal details about him.

NAME: Brysin Scott
REAL NAME: John Scott Brazier jr
A.K.A.: Landon Thomas
AGE: 26
Height: 1,67 (5’5”)
WEIGHT: 75kg (170lb)
DEBUT: March 2008 (VCW)
PROMOTIONS: Vanguard Championship Wrestling (VCW); NWA Fusion; Local Town Wrestling (LTW); Expoland Wrestling Entertainment (EWE); Ground Xero Wrestling (GXW); Coastal Real Exteme Wrestling (CREW); Wrestling For Your Life (WFYL); Southside Professional Wrestling (SPW); New School Wrestling Federation (NSF); Waco Association of Wrestling (W.A.W); Lufkin Pro Wrestling (LPW); Total Championship Wrestling (TCW); United States Wrestling Xplosion (USWX)
FINISHER: Shining Wizard
Here’s what he told us.

WtW: Could you tell us, in a few words who is Brysin Scott?
BS: Brysin Scott is always the underdog being 5’5 and 170 lbs. But with his “Never Quit” attitude and motto he truly never gives up on anything and always fights till the end of every battle put in front of him

WtW: What made you decide to become a pro wrestler?
BS: I became a professional wrestler because growing up my father was also a professional wrestler and I would go with him to training and shows and I loved watching the dedication he had for the business. Another reason I decided to become a professional wrestler was because again at my size everyone always told me I couldn’t do it or I wouldn’t make it. So I wanted to prove everyone wrong.

WtW: Who were the most important people in your formative years as a pro wrestler?
BS: My father Scott Brazier for one cause without him I wouldn’t know so much about the business and the world of wrestling. And then there are other people I have learned a lot from as well guys like Chris Escobar, Damien Wayne, Phil Brown, The Mastadon, Preston Quinn, Shorty Smalls, Travis Bradshaw, and I could go on and on.

WtW: You made your debut in March 2008 – as Landon Thomas (in a defeat against John Kermon); what do you remember of that day, before during and after the match?
BS: Oh man my first match with John Kermon I was nervous as hell and had the jitters like no other. I remember when I was first told I was on the show and I was going to be wrestling Kermon I googled and youtubed him as much as I could to see what kind of style he had and what were his weak points so that I could possibly out smart him and win. After the match I was on cloud 9 even after losing because I had finally done what so many people told me I could never do and that is make it as a professional wrestler.

WtW: You changed your ringname at the start of 2010, at the same time you joined the US Army; why did you decide to change it? Was Landon Thomas much different from Brysin Scott?
BS: Landon Thomas ended up becoming more of a jobber of sorts and an Outkast so as I moved to Texas with the Army I decided it was time to go back to my roots and back to the drawing board. There is not much difference from Landon Thomas and Brysin Scott besides the face paint I did as Landon Thomas along with the blonde mohawk and being called a “mini Shannon Moore”.

WtW: We can see from your profile that you wrestled in several promotions: is there one that is more like “home” to you?
BS: My home promotion would have to be VCW (Vanguard Championship Wrestling) out of Virginia because that is where I started my training and that’s where I had my first match.

WtW: Who is your favourite opponent, of those you have faced in your career until now?
BS: Man a favorite opponent…. That’s a hard one. I enjoyed working with everyone I have worked with. I think the best chemistry I have had with people though would be Phil Brown, Nobe Bryant, Armani Gates, and Mike Fyre

WtW: Who is your ideal opponent, a wrestler you’d choose to have your “dream match” against?
BS: Hmmm dream opponent I would have to say Tyson Kidd because our style are very similar and I admire his work.

WtW: I see that you are married to a pro wrestler; are you able to keep “the business” out of home, or is it always shop talk?
BS: Yes I did kinda marry into the business so to speak when I married Simply Luscious, but no we don’t talk much about wrestling at home. We really don’t have time to as we are always playing with our daughter and waiting on the arrival of our son which will be named Brysin Scott

WtW: Is there any reason (besides low pay and previous commitments) you’d refuse a booking?
BS: I would only refuse a booking for a few reasons. Those being if that company doesn’t look professional to me, they do not hold a standard to the talent they use, or if I have military training or family obligations.

WtW: How do you see your career develop in the near future?
BS: Well come October 2016 I am looking at getting out of the military and with that I would like to travel more for wrestling and get my name out there a lot more. There are a bunch of people I have had conversations with that want to bring me in but I wasn’t able to because of distance and being in the military.

WtW: What do you answer to people saying that “wrestling is fake”?
BS: When people say wrestling is fake I ask them “Ok so how did this injury happen or that injury happen?” I show them pictures of bruise on mine or an opponent’s body and then ask them does that look fake.

WtW: To conclude: how can we follow your career?
BS: Any who wants to follow my career can follow me on facebook at, twitter @BrysinScott on Instagram @ Brysin Scott. And I am still working on getting a youtube channel up at the moment I have a few matches up and working on more.


We thank Brysin for this very interesting interview. If you want to see him in action, here’s some matches he picked just for you: (Brysin Scott vs Armani Gates) (Brysin Scott vs Nobe Bryant) (Brysin Scott vs Phil Brown) (Brysin Scott vs Thomas Shire) (6-man match)

To conclude, as usual, our point of view.

THE MASTER: The first match I saw amongst those he linked is the last one in the list up here, and when he made his entrance I thought he was a tiny John Cena! Jokes aside, Brysin is a Cruiserweight who knows what to do on the ring. Maybe he’s a little too small for the standards the major federations have gotten us used to, but he’s be great in a promotion that focuses on in-ring technique more than on image.

THE MONSTER: A good Cruiserweight, he could hold his own in Chikara and in Lucha Underground if he builds up a little more muscle. He would also look good in a British promotion.


Thanks again to Brysin Scott for his kindness, and we hope we’ll see him soon – maybe on television!7