Hello readers of We The Wrestling and welcome back to our usual space dedicated to interviews. On this occasion we will get to you the opportunity to know a new face of the French’s wrestling. We present you Alex Nakache.

Hi Alex, we welcome you to this section of our site related to European wrestling and the exponents of it.

Thank you it’s a pleasure for me.

How did you approach the world of wrestling?

I started at the age of 12 at the time my grandmother had just died and my mother gave me the john cena’s dvd. Seeing that he had started training very young, I told myself that I too could do that, so I contacted Stephane Nogues to train for professional wrestling which had his school (“wrestling school aya “) and I really liked it since I train every day.

Did you have any reference figures during your growth path? Is there anyone you consider a “teacher” for you?

I had many coaches like Stéphane Nogues, Tristan Archer, Tucker, Shanna, Danny Walsh…But i think i could consider Stéphane Nogues and Tucker as main teachers as mentor as i was mainly trained by them.

What or who is your gimmick inspired by?

I remember creating my gimmick in 2016 when I was 14 during a weeklong seminar with Louis Napoleon. I created this geek gimmick because it is the credible one for me in my opinion. I knew very well that I could not play strong men as I am only 1.70m tall and I have a pronunciation defect, I have trouble articulating my sentences and on top of that I have a “winner” face it’s a good gimmick for me- For my inspiration, I was inspired a lot by The Hurricane, Colt Cabana and Kikutaro.

When did you debut in the ring? Do you remember how your first match was? Can you tell us something about it?

I’m going to tell you about my first match in front of a “real crowd” and not about my first school match. I remember it was in 2017 when I was 15 years old during the smashing pumpkins show with Dj Hyde (available for free on the AYA Catch YouTube channel). Basically, it was’ a joke during a meeting to establish the list of matches it seems that one of the creatives had said why not make a comedy match with El Bucco and Alex Nakache they put it on the card from the show and they didn’t take it off because basically I wasn’t even supposed to be on this show so I grabbed this opportunity and that’s how I played my first match. The match went very well, the public was surprised and laughed, it was a very short match but in my opinion it was good. I would like to share with you two anecdotes. When I arrived on the show there was Dj Hyde he was so big and impressed that I took 15 minutes before going to say hello he scared me a little I apologize besides today for to have been so rude. The second is a very “Nakache” story. In fact two minutes before my match when my opponent entered I got lost in the backstage I could not find where I had to do my entrance, Stéphane Nogues had to escort me to find my way.

You often fight for Aya Catch, one of the most important French federations. How do you feel in it?

I’m really happy to be part of the AYA roster, it’s a real chance to have been trained at AYA and to wrestle for this promotion which is very close to my heart

In April 2019 you took part in AYA Catch Thunderstorm, you faced Ben Miller in it. Can you tell us something about that match?

I’m really enjoyed working with Ben Miller despite my beating and a magnificent botch. I hope to have a new opportunity to face it and give a better fight with the little experience that I have gained I think I have progressed in the right direction

In the shows of the federation you have had the opportunity to meet “Senza Volto”, a wrestler who promises very well at European level. What impressions did you have of him?

I had the opportunity to meet him once in 2018 to be honest we didn’t talk much but I have great respect for him and I’m very happy that he represents French and European wrestling at the international.

In February 2020 you battled in AYA Catch Big Bang against Prince Athem and came out as the winner. What memories do you have of that meeting?

It was Pince Athem’s first professional match and i was satisfied because the public reacted well to our match, it was a pleasure to play against him and I hope we’ll have a rematch soon.

Are there any French wrestlers you have fought with and could reach high levels in pro wrestling in your opinion? If so, who?

I had the opportunity at the beginning of my career to face the current APC champion Xan Drain and I think he could reach a great level (even if he is excellent) he is hard-working and very good in the ring I hope to see him in big promotion

Would you like to fight in some European federation? If so, which one?

Instead in any one in the world? I would like to fight very much at IWA [Italian Wrestling Association], which is an excellent promotion whose superb work i admire. There are obviously other structures where i would like to go and fight, such as the SEW or the POW.

If you could choose to face a wrestler of your choice, even among the most famous in the world, such as those of WWE, NJPW, ROH, AEW and all the others, who would you choose? Do you have a dream match that sooner or later you dream of having?

It’s a very complicated question that i had never thought of, but i would love to face Kikutaro and it would be really cool to learn from a living legend like him or else i would like to face Christian he has always been one of my favourite wrestlers.

What are the goals you have for your future in the world of wrestling? Do you have any dreams in the drawer?

My first objective is to gain experience and make myself known. But my ultimate goal is to entertain people and make a mark on their minds. I would like people to remember me even after death, I would like to make a mark in this world.

What do you expect from this 2021 that has just started in the ring?

To be honest, I don’t really expect much because of the pandemic, I just hope that this situation will be solved quickly and that we can quickly get back into the ring. Otherwise I prefer not to speak too quickly but this summer I intend to go and train at the WXW.

Have you ever had the opportunity to fight or interact with an Italian wrestler? Would you like to fight in Italy? What do you think about italian wrestling?

For the moment I haven’t had any real contact with Italian wrestlers… but as I said before, I would love to go to Italy and I think that for the last 5 years Italian wrestling has become more and more important so it would be a great honour for me to go and wrestle in Italy.

What advice would you give to a young boy or woman entering the world of wrestling to practice it, or even wanting to make it the primary source of income?

To begin with,i would say to a person who would like to take up wrestling to go to a good school and just to learn and above all to listen and remain “correct”.

I conclude with a question I ask all interviewees. How do you respond to those who say that wrestling is all fake?

I would tell them to come and try it to see that all the bumps we take are real, I think people who would say that are very closed-minded people and that she should just enjoy the show whether it’s real or not the most important thing is to be entertained.

Where can your fans and our readers follow you?

You can find me on, Instagram: alex_nakache, Twitter: Alex Nakache, Facebook: Alex Nakache. Or you can contact me by email: : nakachebooking@gmail.com.

We thank you for the time you have given us. Good luck in your future at work and in private life.

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