Dear all, here’s another of our amazing interviews. This time we have met the most Mexican English wrestler who ever lived, the masked phenomenon El Ligero, whom you have seen on TNA British Bootcamp 2.

By the way, we told him we’d write that we translated this interview from Spanish – so, in case you talk to him, don’t give us away.


WtW: An obvious one: what made you choose your luchador enmascarado gimmick and your ringname?

ElLig: At first, it was because I used to be a very shy person. I had no confidence with working a crowd, and I also didn’t look like a wrestler. I used to be very skinny and pale, so I decided to start wearing a mask until my confidence improved and to help me stand out more. It was only meant to be a temporary thing, but it ended up sticking!


WtW: tells us that you made your debut in June 2003, at the age of 18, against Kris Travis in RBW. Is this information correct?

ElLig: Haha that’s not correct I’m afraid! I made my debut on February 9th, 2002, for EPW in Sheffield, losing to Daniel DeSoto in under 2 minutes.


WtW: You are known on the British scene for wrestling absolutely everywhere they ask (and, I assume, pay) you to. This, of course, means that a lot of promotions want El Ligero. Is there a reason why you would decline a booking, besides having previous commitments?

ElLig: Not unless the promoter was an absolute joke, or I deemed it unsafe or unwise to take part in the show. I’m one to enjoy experiences, so I’m up for pretty much wrestling anywhere!


WtW: Is there any promotion you’d call “home”, and why?

ElLig: That’s a tough one. GPW is where I got my first ‘break’ in wrestling, and I’ve been part of the NGW training team for 5 years, so I hold both of those very close to me. But I’ve worked so many different places that it’d be hard for me to narrow it down to just one promotion.


WtW: Is there any promotion you never wrestled for and you’d like to? Or did you really work for them all?

ElLig: Germany is a country I’ve never wrestled in that I’ve always wanted to, so I guess you could say wXw to answer that.


WtW: You probably are the best person to answer this question: do you think there is a difference between Scottish and English wrestling? If so, what?

ElLig: Not especially, no. A lot of the English and Scottish wrestlers have intermingled and worked together so much, so we rub off on each other.


WtW: Who is your favourite opponent? And who is your favourite tag team partner?

ElLig: Again, I honestly can’t narrow that down. I’ve been lucky to wrestle nearly 500 different opponents, some amazing, some terrible, so I can’t really just pick one. As far as partners go, I loved teaming with Dara Diablo, I love teaming with Dean Allmark, but I think the chemistry that Bubblegum and I have is unmatched.


WtW: You also won several titles, in promotions big and small: what does it mean for you as a performer when a booker decides to give you a title run?

ElLig: It’s an honor no matter the size of the promotion. It means the company is looking to you to be ‘the guy’ for the company, the person to carry the last match, which is usually the biggest match on the card. I’ve been lucky enough to win over 40 championships in my career, which is very rewarding.


WtW: In SWE you had a long and quite violent feud against Martin Kirby under the mask of Ego Dragon. During it, you had to go quite extreme – which is not your normal style. Did you enjoy it or was it difficult for you to change attitude on the ring?

ElLig: I do enjoy it from time to time! I don’t think I could work that style every night, and I’ll only go to those lengths if I feel the situation or feud warrants it. I won’t just do stupid stuff for an easy pop or just for the sake of it. But when I think it’s needed, I’ve no problem going a little bit more hardcore.


WtW: You took part in TNA British Bootcamp, going quite far without saying a single word besides “El Ligero” (and thus acing the “promo” part of the trial). Could you tell us about that experience?

ElLig: It was great as far as I was concerned! I have no complaints about my time with TNA whatsoever. I was well looked after, the team were always very helpful and encouraging, my character was well protected and I got to buy a car after it!


WtW: If you were called to wrestle for a major but were asked to unmask (like what happened to El Generico/Sami Zayn), would you? Ideally, what ringname would you pick, besides maybe your real name?

ElLig: If WWE asked me, yes. As far as names go, I’ve no idea!


WtW: You’ll soon wrestle in Italy, for PWE. Is it your first time in our country? What do you expect from that show, and what do you know about Italian wrestling?

ElLig: It’ll be the first time in a long time! I haven’t wrestled in Italy since 2006, but I’ve often gone on record to say Italy is my favourite country I’ve ever been to. An absolutely beautiful place with lovely people. Can’t wait to go back!


WtW: How can your fans follow your career? (Twitter, websites, online shops, DVDs, anything – shameless plug time!)

ElLig: Yeah, follow on Twitter at @Ligero1 and keep supporting this fantastic business!


At this point, the only thing left to do is thank again El Ligero for this fantastic interview, and to our readers… see you next time!