Trent Seven is an English wrestler who… ah, read the interview and you’ll know everything!


WtW: For the ignorants who may not know you (shame on them), could you please introduce us to Trent Seven, the wrestler?

TS: I am Trent Seven. I am British strong style. I’m 33 years old and have been wrestling out of Wolverhampton England since 2009.


WtW: Obvious question, sorry, we’ll try to be a little more original with the next ones: what made you become a wrestler?

TS: I have always loved wrestling from the time I saw the World of Sport wrestling on TV when i was young. I used to go to my next door neighbour’s house, who was a 90 year old woman, and watch it with her! I rememeber her reactions, the shouting at the TV and the anger at the villain and the excitement at the babyface! After that I would ask my dad to try and get his friend who had Sky TV to record some WWF (we could not afford the luxury of Sky TV in those days).

And the first full show I saw on VHS was Wrestlemania 5. The Blue Blazer vs Mr Perfect and Macho Man vs Hogan…. that was it!


WtW: Fight Club Pro, the promotion you run, runs all its shows in the same venue: The Planet Nightclub in Wolverhampton. How important is it for a promotion to have a steady “home”?

TS: The Planet is indeed our home. It’s so unique in its design and setup, and of course allows us our amazing setup, “the cage”.

A steady home does indeed help with the brand getting repeat custom and aids the build of a hardcore fanbase. We will be supporting the Chikara UK tour this April which will be Fight Club Pro’s first shows outside of the Planet since our debut there in 2010. So I am excited about the Wulfrun Hall and London.


WtW: You wrestled five matches in CZW (3 in England, 2 in the USA); how is CZW different from the average British promotion?

TS: CZW does certainly bring its own style of wrestling, that’s for sure. The ultra violence is definitely not for the fainthearted and is rarely seen in other promotions, nor fought by better purveyors of the style. The UK tours were great fun and allowed me to get in the ring and fight some of the best in the world, specifically the truly amazing Sami Callihan or, as we now know him, Solomon Crowe. I do owe a lot to him for the matches we had and the amount I took away from those beatings! It’s always tough losing the best guys in the company to the bigger leagues but there are a plethora of guys that can continue to lead the company going forward. Guys like AR Fox, Jake and Dave Crist (ohi4k)… Greg Excellent is one of the most entertaining guys I’ve ever been in the ring with! And they have some great new talent also.


WtW: In Italy, you already wrestled twice in ASCA. Does ASCA mean something special to you?

TS: ASCA will always be special to me as they have not only treated me so well but have allowed me to be me. I am extremely proud to represent ASCA and have made some great friends during my visits. No doubt the matches I have had have all been pretty tough! But I would like it no other way.


WtW: You may be aware that your ASCA match against MK McKinnan was voted as one of the two best matches wrestled in Italy in 2013 (and if you didn’t know – now you do). Do you think that match was indeed so good, and why?

TS: I was made aware that the match was given such great reviews by the fans, and I am very proud of that match indeed. MK and myself went toe to toe for over 20 minutes and gave it everything we had. I came up short on that occasion but there is always time for a rematch! I have known and trained and fought MK for many years and he is one of the best in the Europe. No doubt.


WtW: In the same night, you wrestled then-Italian champion Charlie Kid [you can watch the match here:]. What did you think of him?

TS: Unfortunately I came up short against the talented Italian Cowboy as well! But to be allowed the privilege to fight for the Italian Championship was an honour. I think I set my sights a bit too high challenging him after the match ii had with MK! But he showed great strength and skill and beat me in the middle of the ring… but… that was my second match of the night… so Charlie… anytime anywhere mate!


WtW: In May 2014, in ASCA, you wrestled an Ironman Match against Dave Mastiff [you can watch the match, with English commentary, here:]; what do you remember of that match?

TS: Dave Mastiff is a beast. Power, speed, agility, and a wrestling skill set to match. He can be one of the best in the world. To sneak the win there was just amazing. After over 30 mins of being thrown around and smashed into ring posts in a shopping cart I was kind of just happy to finish the match!


WtW: Your theme song (Seven Nations Army by White Stripes) is an extremely catchy, extremely well known tune that everyone immediately sings along (and that now I’m whistling to myself); why did you pick that specific song?

TS: The theme song was the first one I really used and have done since 2009. I chose it because of the link to “seven”. Maybe having the idea that the fans would be the “Seven Nation Army”, ha! But its stuck and the fans like it all around the world. And luckily for me it has been sung by crowds at the football world cup, the Olympics, the darts tournaments in the UK and pretty much every sporting event seems to have a chant based on the riff of the White Stripes hit!


WtW: You’ll be coming back to ASCA to face OGM, known as the toughest wrestler in Italy; do you already know him? How are you preparing for that match?

TS: I am super excited about returning to ASCA and Italy and making my debut in Bergamo also. As a long time fan of Serie A it’s pretty cool being able to visit the places I saw as a young fan on Gazzetta Football Italia, so hopefully I will get to visit the Atalanta stadium. As regards OGM, I have heard people say that he is indeed tough. But I have no danger saying he ain’t as tough as Trent Seven! As far as preparation goes I have been training pretty hard over the course of the last 4-5 months and I believe I am nearly in the best shape of my career. So OGM…bring everything you have and prepare to have to hit hard. Because I will be!


WtW: Who is your favourite opponent? And who is your dream opponent, someone you haven’t wrestled yet?

TS: Wow, that’s a tough question. I have had the honour of fighting some of the best in the industry in my relatively short career, so to name one would be an injustice. But Kevin Steen, Dave Mastiff, Tommy End, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Big Van Walter, Drake Younger and of course maybe my two biggest rivals, MK and Solomon Crowe.

My dream opponent hmmmm… there are a few! Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii, Samoa Joe, Zak Sabre junior, Adam Cole to name but a few! It would be great to get the chance to wrestle those guys as they are some of the absolute best in the world. And win lose or draw you would learn so much from them.


WtW: Shameless plug time: how can your fans follow you and FCP? Facebook pages, Twitter, websites, podcasts, ballet adaptations of the highlights of your career…

TS: Fight Club Pro Facebook:

Trent Seven Facebook:

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Thanks once again to Trent Seven, and… see you soon!