Hey! I haven’t done any STILL REAL for over one year (at least, not in English). I suppose I didn’t have much to say: if you want to talk wrestling with me, just get in touch via Facebook.

Anyway: why am I writing now? Well, it appears that TNA has only a few days left – that WWE will be buying them. And of course they will make a joke of them, as usual. But it will be easier this time. Why? Thanks to the IWC, the “Internet Wrestling Community”. Yup. Hating John Cena and Roman Reigns is fashionable (to be clear – I love Cena and can’t stand Reigns), but covering TNA in crap is even “cooler”. What did TNA do to deserve this? Simple: it isn’t WWE and it isn’t RoH, they aren’t the “money guys” nor are an “indy darling”.

“Yes, but TNA lives off former WWE athletes”. Yes, they took wrestlers that the myopic McMahons discarded (or who were simply left behind by the excess of stars they signed) and made them relevant and interesting. Think of Drew Galloway, Lashley, ECIII. “WCW was different!” Yes, Nash and Hall (and Hogan, and Warrior, and Bret Hart) were lifted from WWE – actually, from WWF – as they were. And became huge again. At least TNA tried (tries) to be creative.

“Sure, but WCW also had Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Chris Be***You-Know-Who, Rey Mysterio, Perry Saturn…” And TNA has Andrew Everett, Crazzy Steve, DJ Z, Robbie E, Trevor Lee, Eli Drake… people who never came even close to WWE. And they are treated better, they actually are relevant.

Personally, I think that wrestling in TNA is much better than what it is in WWE, if we exclude (most of) NXT and of the CWC. I mean: a WWE PPV, I’ll read about it and maybe will watch a match or two; a TNA PPV, I’ll watch it.

Also, TNA gave us what I consider the best storyline in U.S. wrestling since the first Undertaker/Kane feud. Yes, I mean Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. And Delete or Decay. Everything linked to the genius of Matt Hardy, the man everyone considered toast about ten years ago, the freshest character around.

So, what’s wrong with TNA? It has a bad name. It’s like that boy who, at school, was called “stinky” once and now is avoided by everyone “because he stinks”. Even if he showers three times a day. It’s cyberbullying. It’s an opinion far too many people “share”; most of those never watched a minute of TNA wrestling, but they “trust someone else’s opinion”. Sure, there are many who have watched TNA and decided it sucks; I don’t agree, but it’s an understandable, legitimate opinion. But there’s people who hate TNA “because they sign WWE leftovers” without watching it. Doing so would help them realise that Lashley is about ten times better than what he used to be in WWE, and that Drew Galloway is one of the tom twenty/thirty wrestlers in the world nowadays.

So, long live TNA. And… don’t only read about wrestling – watch it!