There is a wrestler in Michigan (USA) called Rampage. He’s not one of the bigger names in the discipline, he doesn’t seem to be in talks with “the big leagues”, not right now anyway. So, why am I going to talk about him?

Because he was fired from his job as a teacher for being a pro wrestler.

Well, technically, he has been “asked to resign”. Same difference.

The story he told is as follows (in summary):

Two of the parents of his students found out on Google that their children’s teacher is a pro wrestler and watched some clips. Mind that Rampage is not a hardcore wrestler and (once again according to his word, which I see no reason to doubt) never swears during his matches; he specialises in “family friendly entertainment”.

Still, those parents spoke to the principal on the school in which Rampage teaches (or rather, used to teach) accusing him of assault and battery, and wondering why he is still allowed to walk free even though there is filmed evidence of him attacking other men.

The principal, despite saying he/she understands what pro wrestling is, accepted Rampage’s resignation. Rampage didn’t have a chance to meet those parents in order to explain to them what pro wrestling is.

There is very little we can do to support Rampage at the moment, and he is still evaluating whether (and, in case, how) to appeal and what to do next.

The staff of We the Wrestling show their complete solidarity towards Rampage on behalf of the Italian pro wrestling community; we will keep you updated on what happens next.