22 October 2001. FMW. Hayabusa, one of the faces of the company, is wrestling Mammoth Sasaki. He goes for a Springboard Moonsault, one of the moves he performs in every match. But he slips on the ropes, falls on his head and crushes two vertebrae. He’ll never walk again.

5 August 2015. Hayabusa leaves his wheelchair and, for the first time without any support except for a walking stick, climbs on a wrestling ring.

The wrestler who embodied the crazy attitude of FMW – a louder, brasher, more violent (and more Japanese) version of ECW – has made some of the toughest men in Japanese wrestling cry. Genichiro Tenryu, a legendary hard man, comparable to Brock Lesnar in attitude if not in style, broke down in tears.

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